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Mobile SCADA Benefits

Make Timely Decisions Anytime, Anywhere
SCADA access on mobile devices empowers manufacturing managers and supervisors to make timely decisions anywhere. Remote access can be enabled through a secure VPN or external router. The Ignition Mobile Module can read and write to the control system, so you can manage operations just as if you were physically on the plant floor.


Fast, Easy Plant Floor Management
Manage your process system quickly and easily while walking around the plant floor. Go anywhere on the machine floor and manage the entire facility in the palm of your hand. With Ignition available on your cell phone, you can quickly implement changes or make notations.
Convenient Alarm Supervision
Receive and view automatic alerts on your phone, tablet or PDA. Respond immediately to SCADA alarms through mobile interaction with real-time data. Save a trip to the office and reduce the time it takes to resolve an issue that slows production.