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Ericsson Works With SAP on Technology for Directing Machines

  By Cornelius Rahn – Feb 25, 2013 2:21 AM MT Ericsson AB (ERICB) and SAP AG (SAP) will work together to offer technology that may be used to detect risks at oil refineries and direct vending machines to restock items appropriate to the weather. Ericsson, the world’s largest maker of wireless networks, will deliver hardware to connect machines to the […]

Maker Shed Microcontroller Quick Reference Chart

  By Michael Castor , 2013/01/31 @ 1:30 pm With all the microcontrollers and single board computers on the market, sometimes it’s hard to see all your options. That’s why we made up this quick reference sheet for the 8 most popular boards we sell in the Maker Shed. This handy chart (which we lovingly refer to as the “Grid”) […]

Raspberry Pi : A Tiny Computer Attracts a Million Tinkerers

  Raspberry Pi may sound like the name of a math-based dessert. But it is actually one of the hottest and cheapest little computers in the world right now. Almost one million of these $35 machines have shipped since last February, capturing the imaginations of educators, hobbyists and tinkerers around the world. Enlarge This Image […]